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Leana,USA, USA

I really enjoy using my new braille note touch. I love using touch braille. I will admit it took me a little bit to get use to but now that I have the hang of it I love it. I am so glad and impressed with all the things I can do on the braille note touch. I don't even need to carry my laptop anymore. I was able to do so much that I can't even begin to explain. I am so glad I got the braille note touch and I can't wait to see where my journey with my new braille note takes me. My new braille note touch is my new best friend.

Lilly C, Victoria

Why I love my BrailleNote Touch and it is so beneficial in my education.

I love the fact that you can change accounts on email so easily so I can email from school account and my personal Gmail account.

I love how easy it is to connect to the internet, it is so much more user friendly and the fact that you can use YouTube is so amazing and beneficial because you can listen to videos and tutorials like the other kids. The BrailleNote enables me to record audio and take photos, I did not think I would use the camera but I have already used it for a maths assignment showing a graph I made.

Word Processor is great and the way to make subfolders is so easy. I can have my subject folders and documents all organised.

You can install apps so easily like a dictionary, and pdf reader. The pdf reader helps me show my work to my parent or teacher from my BrailleNote, via the touch screen.

Tablet mode is so amazing and both blind people and sighted people can use it to navigate through the Braillenote Touch. I can get help from non-braille users and share what I am doing in class.

Writing directly on the screen is challenging but it will be so good in years to come as I improve because it allows sighted people to see the screen while I work.

I’ve only been using the Braillenote touch for two months but I have learnt so much and can do so much more than I used to with the Apex!

Barbara, Queensland

Brailliant is the best! The Brailliant isn't only for the younger generation, but for all of us. I wish the Brailliant was around when I was at school. Taking notes is a breeze, the keys are easy to press and it is very quiet. The Brailliant is Very light, fits into a back pack easily.

I found the Brailliant easy to pair with my i-phone, and Mac mini. I have also paired it with my friends i-pads. You can also use your Brailliant with windows machines too with a screen reader, NVDA works well.

Technology can be a bit daunting for some of us older people who didn't grow up with it but, don't worry! When you buy your Brailliant, the staff at HumanWare are extremely helpful.

My first Brailliant was a 40 cell, great for when you are reading aloud as I do quite often. The 32 cell Brailliant was on special, it is slightly smaller, and easier to carry in handbags or small backpacks. Great! for out and about, You can text, look up information or read in private. Most handy when you are sitting on the bus. Many times on the bus I get asked, "What are you doing with that thing!" I just say, "Technology has made it possible for blind people to read the same information as they do."

Why do I have two Braille displays? The 40 cell for upstairs on my Mac, and the 32 cell downstairs. I use them both every day, I don't get it when listening to speech, but Braille sinks in.

In my dreams, I wish the Brailliant was waterproof so I could sit down the beach and read all day but since it's not I am so glad we have heaps of information at our fingertips.

Jordie, Victoria

I am a braille trainer, music transcriber and music teacher and use refreshable braille in most aspects of my work. The crisp reliable dots and quiet input keys make the Brailliant a pleasure to use. While transcribing music, I rarely move my hands from the display using the input keys to produce documents and the touch cursor buttons to quickly edit. The Brailliant is also portable allowing me to cart it from office to office when I change work location. I have also found the Brailliant works well when paired to an iPhone for sending text messages or emails.

Debbie, Victoria

I find the Brailliant BI Display from Humanware a lovely reading experience. The braille cells are crisp and unlike some other displays they don’t have that plastic squeaky feel when you glide your fingers over them. As well, I love how the display is constructed mostly of aluminium and therefore is quite durable and yet surprisingly lightweight to carry around. Another feature that makes the Brailliant such a joy to use, is the signature thumb keys. Your thumbs just fall on them naturally as you are reading with your fingers on the display, allowing your fingers to stay on the cells while you pan back and forth with your thumbs. I enjoy this feature on my BrailleNote Apex and I’m so glad it’s been incorporated into the Brailliant line as well.

AB, Chester, UK

My wife’s order for the Stratus player was completed yesterday when it arrived the day after placing the order. She is delighted with the product and service. Many thanks. Many other businesses could learn from your example. Excellent products ; excellent service (with employees that are helpful attentive and with a caring attitude) ; excellent support; excellent web site . How many other companies could live up to this model ? Alas, too few! HumanWare deserves to prosper and given our experience, I’d be very surprised if it did not.

Customer from Victoria, Australia

“I am fortunate to have been in possession of a Prodigi Duo for the past three weeks and I am now wondering how I managed before I had this amazing device!

The base sits easily on my desk space alongside my laptop and large monitor and it is here I use Prodigi to magnify paperwork and particularly numbers which I have progressively had problems with differentiating. I work with figures so this is for me quite incredible.

The short tuition one to one session with Tony Wu the Prodigi representative who came to my residence and unpacked and assembled the device was excellent. Tony was very clear and precise in his instruction and along with the User Guide and Quick reference sheet I was at once able to commence using Prodigi and find my way around with no hesitation at all.

Over the past three weeks I have explored the various modes that best work for me and am comfortable with using the machine base for the most part in Live Mode and easily magnifying as required for the respective documents.

The Prodigi tablet is what is most amazing, it is lightweight and portable and I am using it constantly around the house for all manner of little jobs, particularly in the kitchen to magnify instruction labels on jars, cans and packaging, read recipes, see the temperature controls on my oven and I even reach into the back of deep cupboards, capture a shot and am then able to see what I have there without having to physically take it all out!

The best of all is that I can sit in a cafe with a latte and read the newspaper and magazines rather than only barely able to check out the headlines and pretty pictures...too tempting not to be doing my accounting work at home!

Thank you Prodigi”

Jonathon, A user in Australia

The Prodigi arrived this morning and all is well with no damages and it took only a few minutes to unpack and set up.
The initial wizard is really very worthwhile and makes the unit usable almost immediately.

I love the reader aspect so much and can now access my bank statements and letters which I have had trouble doing with my Sense View due to eye fatigue and the lack of resolution it has plus movement makes reading impossible.

Not anymore!

I am so enthusiastic about this unit I am going back to printed books instead of audio books,well for a try out but it may be a bit tedious to do.

Right now, I could not be happier with my unit and trust me when I say this is giving me a freedom to deal with text I had given up on.

I have yet to take the tablet out into shopping and look forward to being able to sort out infuriating things like spice bottles, pasta types and even margarine.
I think this is the best investment I have made in myself besides 6 eye surgeries and 2 laser treatments that mean I can still use Prodigi and do so with clarity.

I am sure sighted people underestimate the critical importance of clear text and the Diamond Text is a superb feature that allows me to cope with text again.

If you need a video testimonial of my new found joy let me know and I will produce something for you.

Thanks for your help and advice though I rather suspect I was on the right path in the first place when I discovered Prodigi.

Hope you get what this means to me and my appreciation for the designers and engineers - developers in making a superb low vision product that actually does what it says on the tin.

James, Student in Scotland, UK

  • I have used many magnifiers and currently use the My Reader, Onyx and portable Compact. The Prodigy combines all the best features of all of these.
  • The fact that the Prodigy has the option of talking back is a major advantage and it is more accurate than some other earlier devices such as the Intelreader.
  • There appears to be more choices within the settings and I have tried a variety. I have chosen green writing on a black background.
  • I like the way it goes straight onto the magnifier as this makes everything quicker and easier in a busy classroom.
  • The Humanware trainer (Andrew Flatres) gave me an excellent training session on how to use it which got me started. I never need to refer to a user manual as it is so easy
  • to navigate and very obvious how to use it.
  • Updating the Prodigy is also straightforward and I do this at home when I have wifi as it is not able to be networked at school.
  • I keep the docking station in Biology and carry the tablet between my other classes and take it home as well. I use it for homework and also for my personal use.
  • The portable tablet is fantastic and has many uses as a scanner, magnifier and to store text. I have been using it to read newspapers, magazines, letters and instructions and I can
  • save whatever I want. The tablet has more features, less buttons and the swipe screen makes it more intuitive and much easier to use.
  • I would certainly recommend the Prodigi and am going to apply for funding for one for starting college. It is suitable for an older pupil and is not a toy but a functional piece of kit.
  • Thomas E. Petersen, Texas, USA

    Prodigi is such a blessing. I wouldn’t give it up. I have read 2 books in the first couple of weeks I had it, and these books are over 500 pages long. I always use the Diamond Edge Text mode to read and follow along with the speech function. The Diamond Edge Text is so crisp and clean on the screen, my eyes don’t get tired.

    Don Gaunt, Massachusetts, USA

    I am just so happy with the Prodigi! I’ve shown it to other people here, and they can’t believe how sharp the text is to read with that Diamond Edge. And they are simply amazed when I put it into speech mode and it talks to me. I even put my iPad under it to magnify it, because the iPad’s magnification is limited. I am going to the Veterans Administration soon for an eye exam, and I will be taking my Prodigi Tablet to show them. I love my Prodigi.

    Mary Wright, Texas, USA

    Mother absolutely LOVES her Prodigi! It's truly given her a new lease on life. She easily moves back and forth from read mode to live; reading newspaper obits, recipe cards, mail (although the machine doesn't read cursive, so letters are out unless they're printed), etc. Pictures are still a bit harder for her to see, but we're working on collecting her some better pictures. There are simply no words that can truly express our gratitude for this wonderful machine. Giving mom back some of her independence has worked wonders in restoring a "purpose" for her life. I'll sign off with a cute story. I awoke early the morning after we had set up the prodigi for mom, looking for mom. She was not in her bed. I didn't find her in the bathroom. I was beginning to get concerned. Then I saw her in the corning of the living room, at the desk...on her prodigi. She was totally engrossed in reading!!! Basically, you've given my mom back her eyesight! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

    Geoff, South Africa

    I felt I needed to share my latest Victor Stream “experience” with you…
    Misplacing the windowsill in our bathroom over the weekend, I dropped my unit some 30 feet onto a paved surface outside our apartment… Alone in the house at the time, I went outside and searched for the pieces with my shoes – locating the card, cover, battery and “chassis” which had scattered over an area of some 50 square feet.
    Not really believing that it would ever work again, I re-assembled it, and to my surprise, found it works perfectly!!! Just a little dent on one corner!
    I have dropped my Stream many times over the six years I have owned it, but only from desk height. It is the one I took up Kilimanjaro and have also listened to music during cycle and horse rides – it seems also to be pretty sweat resistant!
    Ah yes, the last thing – I dropped it into my bath last month and, after about three days to dry out, another full recovery… That I didn’t expect, sadly having previously drowned two Milestones...
    Pedro, I use my Stream every day in the office and read virtually every night.
    I have tried many other “talking book machines” over the years and have never found another unit that comes even close to the Stream.
    Just felt like sharing this with you,
    Another very satisfied customer,
    Best regards,

    Richard, Minneapolis, MN, USA

    The latest update for the Stream has been awesome. Adding Internet radio really has been great. It's the most accessible Internet radio I know of. It's been so great I canceled my XM radio service. The Internet radio is a great added feature. I can't say enough about it. Being able to read books and have all the radio access the Stream allows is way too awesome.

    Michael, Dingli, Malta

    I really love the new VR Stream, especially since HumanWare added the facility of Internet radio through the ooTunes database. Also, the ooTunes database author is very responsive when I approach him to add Maltese stationsNow I do not need to look for a DAB+ radio, because the new VR Stream is capable to do much better. Keep it up!

    David, Aurora, MO, USA

    I loved the new Stream from the time of its release onward, but each upgrade has just made it better and better. Besides the new online services which users have already mentioned, Version 4.34 has improved TTS reading in subtle but significant ways, including vocabulary fixes and a more natural handling of pitch and punctuation. Also, the new method requiring an extra step before deletions become final is a great safeguard.

    Kimberly, Overland Park, KS, USA

    Compared to other blindness products, the new Victor Reader Stream provides a level of personal and professional empowerment unparalleled for the relatively reasonable cost. As a certified teacher of the visually impaired who does consulting work, it is gratifying to demonstrate the Victor Reader Stream to parents and to students who are blind and to let them know the wide range of options that are available. As little as ten years ago, if a student was losing his/her vision and had not entirely mastered the skill of reading Braille, it would most likely be necessary to pull the student out of the classroom in order to provide them with an accessible reading experience. Now, thanks to bookshare.org and NFB Newsline, along with the amazing bookmarking feature of the new VR Stream, I can confidently assure many pre-Braille readers of their continued ability to remain in and to participate in a mainstream classroom environment. Without the staggering cost inherent in the majority of blindness products, HumanWare has put the reality of auditory accessibility into many more hands and lives than would have otherwise been possible.

    Kevin, Windsor, ON, Canada

    I used to be an avid shortwave DX listener. Now, with the Stream update, I can search for countries by name. I can listen to stations that I grew up with in my old home town.

    Joseph, Ottawa, ON, Canada

    I sing with a barbershop chorus and place all my music/songs on the Victor Reader Stream; it is very easy to move forward or backward when learning the music. Recordings are quiet, free of annoying 'scratchiness'. I am a radio guy from a way back, what a device!

    Charles, West Monroe, LA, USA

    Just, wow! I've upgraded to firmware version 4.3 and I'm very impressed! HumanWare just keeps getting better and better!

    Bruce, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    I have always thought highly of the Stream since it came out. I have always been a heavy user of my Stream. But now, with Internet radio, the Stream becomes my almost constant companion. The ability so search with ooTunes is nothing short of brilliant, and the unit is incredibly stable. I disagree strongly with those who say an iPhone user has no need for such a unit. My Stream complements my iPhone, it doesn't replace, nor is it replaced by the iPhone.

    From a user in UK,

    I have been an avid radio enthusiast since the 1940s but this new feature has completely blown me away, it has revolutionized the way I listen to radio

    From a user in Kent, UK,

    I have updated my second generation Victor Reader Stream to version 4.3 and am impressed with the new features, in particular internet radio. HumanWare have given us plenty of stations to get started and it is easy to search for and add new stations to the favourites list. I am amazed how quickly we can now tune in to stations from around the world.

    From AERNet,

    Now we can listen to internet radio on our Stream and find the stations we want creating station playlists and listening to the news. We have more flexibility when searching for books on Bookshare. We can look up words in Bookshare books or NFB-Newsline articles in Wikipedia and learn more about the item. I love my Victor Reader Stream even more than before. If you have not upgraded to the new Stream, it is time to do so. This new software is free.

    From a user in Madison, Wisconsin,

    No more looking for "listen live" links on complicated websites. Your internet radio bookshelf is perfect, easy to use, logical and makes pushbutton internet radio a reality. It's much easier to use than any radio app for the iPhone.

    From a user in Byron, Illinois,

    What is so neat is I can go to my local library which has a public wireless network, and just use it to either download and read Bookshare titles, or search for internet radio stations.

    From a user in Ontario, Canada,

    The internet radio is very good. It plays .m3u .pls .asx .aac and more. It plays the I-heart stations that very few players will play. If you're familiar with the OO-tunes app on Ios it uses the OO-tunes data base of stations. You can search the data base and find thousands of stations. Highly recomended!

    From a user in Davis, California,

    Congratulations on the new Stream software. I thought the NFB-Newsline was cool. This latest release with the Internet is amazing. I love that it was so intuitive to figure out. I didn't read my notes and just figured it out easily.

    From a user in Brittany, France,

    I couldn't work the radio on other DTB players, but the Stream is so easy!

    From a user in Blue Springs, Montana,

    I listened to the tutorial, very impressive! The internet radio puts other DTB players to shame.

    Pam, United States, South Carolina

    I have quite a few players but I would like to highlight 2 of them from your company. I use the first generation Stream which is wonderful to use for many of my reading needs. It’s like always having someone around to read print books to me and I simply love it’s ease of use. For my recent Birthday my husband got me The Stratus. I absolutely love using it since I can read tons of books on a 32 gig card not to mention being able to put memory sticks into my Stratus but also keep the 32 gig card in my Stratus if I choose to flip to one of my books on the flash card from the memory stick. The Stratus’s sound quality is fabulous as well. I wish that these wonderful electronic servants had been out when I tried to go to college since my study time would have been far more rewarding then they were back then.

    Lyn Petro - Brooke's Mother, KS, USA

    I just wanted to send you the picture of Brooke using the Smart View 360. She used it tonight to read her homework and was able to complete the assignment on her own using the Smart View! This is so exciting for all of us as I used to have to read the questions on this type of assignment for her each time we did them.

    Brooke's O&M therapist Craig Phillips was able to get her a used Trekker Breeze for her birthday, so it was a HumanWare birthday! She has trained with the Breeze for about a year with Craig, so we were thrilled for her to have one for her own personal use. The Breeze is awesome too!

    Thank you for making a difference in the life of a very special child.

    Portia Scott , San Jose, CA, USA

    Hello all, My name is Portia. I am 24 years old, and have been using the BrailleNote since the BrailleNote Classic. When I was in school, the BrailleNote enabled me to write, read and do much more efficiently. When I was at the California School For The Blind, I got to learn Sendero GPS on my BrailleNote mPower. I must say, that was a wonderful experience. Finally a while after I left CSB, which was when I was 18, my mPower's braille display started fading, and I knew I would eventually need a new BrailleNote. Just recently, somewhere in June or July, my friend Michelle expressed how she dearly wanted an mPower back, and that she would give me her BrailleNote Apex. I was beyond excited, and extatic. I kept asking her if she wanted it and she was like no, no, you have the Apex. So I took it, and made it my own. Now I have the latest version of Sendero GPS on it, and use it in my daily life for emailing, reading, and I'll even use it with my Android phone. Right now it is in the shop getting repaired, but I tell you, the Apex has been a huge joy to use. And unless I really had to, I could never live without a BrailleNote. Thank you Humanware, for a wonderful product. You always seem to amaze me with your products. I can't wait to try the new KeySoft!

    Roanna Bacchus, Oviedo, Florida, USA

    Thanks so much for creating this product Humanware. I have enjoyed using this product since my eighth grade year of middle school. I can't wait until the next version of KeySoft is released verry soon. thank you for putting the support for docx files into the last version of KeySoft.

    Alyssa Clelland , Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

    I will never forget the day I first saw a BrailleNote Apex. I was at school, and 2 of my friends came over. I had only been told by my vision teacher that there was a demonstration that afternoon. I hoped it was something to do with technology, because I love equipment, especially something I can use. When they arrived, they started to show me the BrailleNote. I explored the main menu. When I got to book reader, I squealed with excitement! A book reader! I couldn't believe it! When I heard games, I stopped. Woe! Games! I could actually play games! I knew right then and there that I loved this product. "What do you think?" my friends asked me. "I think I'm in love!" I said. When I went home, I said to my Mom, "I want a BrailleNote Apex!" "What's so good about it?" she asked. "Well, you can play games on it, and you can read books!" I exclaimed. I got one for school, but no one would let me explore it. In July of 2012, Mom got me one for home. My BrailleNote has helped me with so much. Me and my brother can actually talk about books, which has made us a lot closer. It's especially helped me with reading. For years, that's been my area of struggle. But because of the auto advance feature on it's braille display, I have increased my reading speed. Web browsing is so much easier. When I do a research project for class, I always use the BrailleNote, because I know I won't get random images that have no discriptions. My BrailleNote has simply given me freedom I've never felt with equipment. I never will take reading books and playing games for granted because I know I can only do it on one device independantly. I will also never take emailing for granted, because the Apex is the only device I can email on with ease. Thank you HumanWare.

    Charles Clark, North East Sensory Services ICT Officer, UK

    "Since I bought the Trekker Breeze two years ago I've only left the house without it twice, and both times I got lost”

    Charles Clark is the North East Sensory Services' ICT officer based in Aberdeen. It's his job to keep up to date with what's new in the assistive technology arena and to offer information and advice to NESS's clients, so he knows a thing or two about technology. 

     "I know there are other GPS options available and I've tried using some of the mobile phone apps but never really got on with them. I bought the Breeze because I like to keep things simple."

    The Trekker Breeze is a handheld GPS device with speech output, which provides additional information about your surroundings, such as street names, intersections, shops, cafes and train stations etc.

    Charles is registered blind and is a Guide Dog user. He regularly travels independently.

    "The last time I made the mistake of leaving the house without my Breeze I was going to the dentist, which is only a couple of minutes walk from my house. It's a route that my dog and I have done several times before so I was sure I'd be fine without it. Although I know the area really well I lost concentration momentarily and took a right fork off the street I was walking down - that was all it took for me to completely lose my bearings. Unfortunately my dog was lost too so I had to just stand and wait for someone to walk past so I could ask for help. It turned out I was only a minute away from the dental surgery.

    If only I'd had my Breeze in my pocket I would have heard it announce the new street name when I inadvertently veered onto that right fork, so I'd have been able to correct my mistake straight away without being late for my appointment."

    Since then, when leaving home, Charles always takes his Breeze with him for that extra peace of mind.

    Kalah Dolman, United States, NY

    My name is Kalah Dolman and I am 15 years old. I am writing today to thank you for the wonderful Victor Stream you sent me as a prize for participating in the Braille Challenge. I will be sure to put it to good use, and like my BrailleNote Apex, I will treasure it always. I would also like to say that as a company that supplies visually impaired individuals with technology supplies, you are proficient and always hit the mark. I very much appreciate everything that you have invented in order to make our lives easier. Again, I would just like to say thank you for the Victor Reader and please keep up the good work.

    E. M.,

    I remember the first time I had my Sendero GPS working with my Braille Note. I was like a child in a candy store. Why? It was for the first time that I didn't have to ask an Access driver "Where are we?" It gave me so much information that I was craving for and really didn't know what I was missing not having a GPS on the BrailleNote. The most ironic thing is when I give precise directions to drivers who don't know where they are driving or I turn off speech and know when I'm being taken for a joy ride and need to correct the driver. The Sendero GPS has given me more independence when walking in unfamiliar areas. The spatial directional input is wonderful in having a choice on cardinal, right-left, and clock directional indicators. This gives more precise abilities to find the exact location of one's destination. I am looking forward in the near not distant future in traveling to London and visiting my son. It's the fact that I will be able to know exactly where I am and get to my final destination independently.

    Linda Kay, United States, Montana

    I walked to the Post Office today which is a good two miles one way. The best part, because it was such a nice day, my husband walked with me with the two Pugs as well I had Ms. Whisper (my Service Dog) with me. My husband has never really seen me walk with Whisper, my cane, and the Breeze. I walked in front as I had the Breeze. My husband offered no help except to tell me where there was ice or low hanging tree branches. He said he did not want to take away from any of my skills. He was totally amazed at my confidence and I knew exactly where I was at all times. I just have to remember to turn the volume down when I go inside, as I had the speaker attached and I had everyone turn around and then they all wanted to know about the Breeze.

    Sue Schaffer, Columbia, MD

    Being an avid crafter, I purchased a large needlepoint canvas to keep me occupied during the anticipated long hours at the hospital. I pulled it out, I had the yarn to finish it; however, my vision is no longer adequate to do such detailed work. I used every available magnifier I could find, with limited success. I then saw the SmartView. By using the SmartView I was able to complete the project and present it to my Son, Daughter-In-Law and Granddaughter on October 15, 2011 exactly 29 years after I started it!

    John Abreu , Canada, Ontario

    Since getting my Brailliant 40, I have had access to braille outside of the blind school I attended. This meant that if I got my college textbooks electronically, I could still read them. Even between semesters and beyond, I could use the brailliant with my iOS device and read books purchased using iBooks! This meant that I could still keep my braille reading skill up while still enjoying a book for the same cost as everyone else! This was not my first braille display, but it's been my best!

    Jennifer Hawkins , United States, Illinois

    I have a pretty active social life and like to travel a lot and often fly or take Amtrak trains alone. This would not be possible without my little Brailliant Braille display. Since I am deaf and cannot hear to talk on the phone and am also blind and cannot see to read texts, this is my only way of communicating with anyone. I not only use text messaging to communicate with family and friends but also use it to communicate with my employer, to "call in sick", to schedule appointments with doctors, to ask my guide dog school questions, and to check my credit card and checking accounts and the weather. It also allows me to access the web where I can shop for my groceries, dog food, Braille embosser paper, labeling tape and more. And last but not least, my Brailliant gives me 24/7 access to a favorite pastime: reading. I love to read!

    Liesha Crawford , United States, Michigan

    We now have 9 Classmate readers in use daily in our class as well as 2 of our families have purchased Classmate Readers for their child to use at home.As we began to pull the most recent test scores a week ago, 85% of our students were not only on the grid, but some had even doubled their lexile scores from the previous test 4 months ago! Not only that, but our students' daily language and vocabulary are increasing at a dramatic rate! Humanware's Classmate Reader has changed the world for the students within our program.

    Jennifer Thompson , United States, WI

    I love the fact that I can now communicate with family members who are deaf. Also I am a deaf blind person so the DBC sure comes in handy. I love the fact that I can send a message with the DBC and then my family members can send a message back to me. I love the fact that I can now read the message and keep the communication going. I also love the fact that now I can use the DBC as a TTY to call my family and keep in touch.

    Wendy Molle , United States, New York

    View Plus has been invaluable, allowing us to emboss the regular classroom materials for these students. Since the ViewPlus allows us to interline print what is Brailled, anyone can assist the student with their work, not just the teachers and TAs in the school who have learned Braille. It is truly a great tool for everyone in our school and enables the blind students to participate in the activities that the sighted students do.

    Anastasiya Andreyeva , United States, Oregon

    I struggled with reading. The fact that English is my second language made reading even more difficult. To make reading easier, my vision teacher introduced me to the Victor Reader ClassicX when I was in sixth grade. I LOVE this piece of technology! It is really easy to use, very intuitive, and I was using in with no problems within about a month of being introduced to it. For me, the Victor Reader is really a life-saver and makes possible many of the things I thought would be impossible.

    Patrick Sidnell , United Kingdom, Wiltshire

    Not be able to read was the worst thing about my sight lose. The Victor Reader allowed me to enjoy story's again.

    Sarah Jevnikar , Canada, Ontario

    As a math major in university, I have a volunteer record a peer's handwritten notes onto DAISY cd's, which I listen to on a DAISY reader from HumanWare. This allows me to bookmark important formulas or concepts to refer to later, and ensures I have access to all visual material (such as graphs) that I might miss in lecture. This resource is invaluable, and I'd be lost without it.

    Jill A. Nerby , United States, Virginia

    The Smartview 360 was invaluable in helping me adapt to my new way of life. Finally without struggles, I could do paperwork, read lengthy documents and do everyday tasks such as mail and paying bills at the office. The camera ability to see distances allowed me to use it to see the speakers and powerpoint presentations at medical and other meetings. On a personal level, it has been great for my home life too in applying makeup, threading a needle to sew, doing crosswords which I terribly missed and in general, giving me my life back as it was before the loss of vision.

    James W. Lyons , United States, CA & MI

    Video magnification is essential. Without it I could not read labels and prices while shopping, balance my check book, write checks or notes by hand, read addresses on letters, labels on prescriptions, the mail itself, find places on maps, enjoy pictures, or make sense of all of the clutter on forms. I can make some sense of TV so long as I sit close, but need well lit magnification to get the right channel and sound level. These are life tools.

    Alan Mowbray , United States, Puerto Rico

    My Pocket Viewer is an invaluable tool – I write natural history books, essays and monographs, website and magazine articles describing the habits and habitat of the fascinating bio-diverse wildlife species that occur here in “America’s only Tropical Rainforest.’ I would be lost without the portability of my trusty Humanware Pocket Viewer – it has helped me to remain productive and meet or exceed publication deadlines – by using it constantly, I am still extremely ‘able’ despite my perceived disability.

    Michael Feir , Canada, Ontario

    The sense of freedom and triumph could probably only be understood by someone who, like me, had never been able to do something like this before unaccompanied. Thanks to the Breeze, this summer will be far less isolating for me than the last one. I've learned how to get to a mall and restaurant, my church, and a few other places including a centre where I volunteer once a week mentoring young people.

    William Bielawski , New Zealand, Northlandbertand

    It is really satisfying to see the growth in my clients’ independence as they realize what the Trekker Breeze enables them to do.

    Joshua Kennedy , United States, PA

    I don't know how I ever got along without the Breeze. It has kept me from getting lost, and made traveling more efficient for me on countless occasions.

    Evelyn Martin, United States

    I have been using a HumanWare Trekker Breeze since August 2010 and it's the best aid I have along with my cane. I think of my Breeze as a friend and a helper so I would really like to let people know what a huge difference the Breeze can make to their independence and freedom.

    Michael A. Justice , United States, Texas

    I use my Voice Note daily both at work and at home and frankly, I can’t live without it. After several months of using it, my supervisor allowed me to demonstrate it to other staff members to raise awareness of what adaptive tools can do to prepare the blind and visually impaired for various kinds of work. So it's been a win, win situation and I thank the people of humanware for my Voice Note Empower QT!

    Robert Mead-Colegrove, United States, New York

    Andrew had issues with taking his spelling test on a Perkins Braillewriter because the teacher could not score his test at the same time as other children. Now that he has learned how to use the Braille Note, Andrew takes his spelling tests in the classroom and when done prints his test out and gets it graded at the same time as the other kids. It is devices like the Braille Note that allow my son to be able to experience the classroom the same way his classmates do. It has helped his self-confidence and for that I am grateful! Thank you HumanWare.

    Christopher Wright , United States, New York

    I've been able to edit HTML code efficiently. -- When I call Dell's tech support line, I'm able to read off my customer ID. -- During my last year in college, notetaking was more efficient. -- As the webmaster for the National Alliance of Blind Students, I often use the Braille Note's braille display to read notes I prepare prior to board meetings. -- Dialing phone numbers is more efficient.

    Ann Chiappetta , United States, New York

    I rely on a voice note Apex, having retired the Empower for a newer Humanware model. I am just as pleased with it as I was with the first device and plan to use it for many years to come. It is an intuitive little machine, lightweight, portable, and able to interface with my personal computer with improved software tools. What impresses me the most is the improvements in internet accessibility and the ergonomic wrist rest below the QUARTY keyboard. This design improvement allows my hand to rest upon it so I have less wrist fatigue when typing for extended periods of time. Thank you Humanware for providing this great machine so people like me can continue to lead independent, productive lives.

    Jennifer Roth , United States, Maryland

    My success story is my daughter. Her name is Julia. She is 5 years old and attends Kindergarten at Battle Grove Elementary School. This school year, with the help of her teachers, she has learned the basic functions of the BrailleNote taker. She is such a smart little girl, she reads very well and is constantly challanging us to push her even harder. With all of the advances in technology, it is only a matter of "what can the world handle" when it comes to my daughter, not what can she handle.

    Larry Johnson, United States, Texas

    I love the Planner to help me schedule committee meetings and doctor appointments. I have used the alarm feature to wake me up in the morning. It works just great. The Address Book feature is wonderful for looking up telephone numbers and for sending emails. An excellent, very useful and fun product - the Apex. Thank you.

    Elizabeth Bowden, United States, Florida

    The use of Braille Note takers revolutionized many aspects of my life, and brought Braille back in to my world in a new way. For myself, one of the most thrilling concepts about me and my BrailleNote is the idea that the Braille world, which I thought I had lost has come back alive, and will always be part of me, how I work, and who I am. The BrailleNote allows me to be competitive, and still keep using Braille to eternity. I am looking forward to exploring many more uses I have still not touched upon for my BrailleNote. Some day, should I need to get an iPhone; the good part will be that I’ll be able to use it with my BrailleNote.

    Hannah Furney , United States, Minnesota

    I have used the Braillenote for taking notes during Church, reading the songs that we sing during Church, taking notes at different conventions, reading the Bible, and reading books for enjoyment. Also, having the Braillenote requires me to practice my Braille, since I did not learn Braille as a youngster, I need to keep practicing the skill so that I do not lose it. The Voicenote and Braillenote both have made improved my life tremendously.

    Rikki Chaplin, Australia, Queensland

    I have used VoiceNote and BrailleNote products for the past ten years. Before that, the Keynote Companion saw me through university. I now use the BrailleNote Apex for wordprocessing, email, diary and recording phone records. It even gets a workout on my laptop as a braille display from time to time. When people see me working on an Apex, they are immediately assured that they can have confidence in my ability to get the job done.

    Jake Olson , United States, California

    In confronting my blindness, the one thing I wanted to do was stay in my same junior high school with my same friends and lead my normal life. The BrailleNote and Oratio have been instrumental in allowing me to stay on that path. I use the BrailleNote in all my classes and I have been able to maintain a near straight “A” report card over the past year. I have a hope that any child that is blind will be able to use a BrailleNote to help them advance in school and become a productive adult. In addition, my social life has not missed a step either in part to HumanWare's Oratio. You can probably imagine how important text messaging is to kids these days and having Oratio on my Blackberry has been a God send.

    Fereshteh Khosroujerdy , United Kingdom, London

    With my Braille notetaker, I now have a voice in the classroom and have been able to make a number of presentations. It has opened up so many avenues of communication.

    Janine DeLaunay, United States, Portland

    I am a totally blind United Methodist pastor. I use the Apex for almost everything I do: searching the internet for sermon resources, writing my sermon, referencing different Bible translations, connecting to my GPS to visit parishioners, writing the bulletin, and so much more. Everything I need for my work with people is on that Apex and strapped over my robe on Sunday mornings, it guides me through each part of the service, from the hymns to the scripture reading, from noting the prayer requests to reading the sermon outline. It frees me up to be fully independent and fully available to those I have been called to serve.

    Jessica Snyder, United States, Ohio

    I am thankful that the wireless internet process has been simplified and now such book formats as National Library Service digital books and Audible are recognized by this outstanding machine. With every new model of this impressive note taker the features I have come to rely on are only improved upon and the new features allow for even more accessibility to the ever changing technology of this day and age.

    Brandon Tyson, United States, Michigan

    I am an avid user of the BrailleNote Apex. I started out by using a BrailleNote MPower which worked well, but I quickly outgrew it. I am now using a BrailleNote Apex BT for my personal and school use. I can connect the BrailleNote Apex to the laptop and use it as a Braille display. I love how it supports many external devices. It's so fast and snappy on the internet! I can email, instant message with friends using the Keychat application, surf the internet and more.

    Virginia Miller, United States, SD

    My student was a Braille reader, but a very slow one and we were supposed to increase his reading speed as one of his goals. We started using the Braille Note to talk back and forth and then he was able to obtain a Braille Note with a Qwerty keyboard. This gave him so much more independence when out in the community, as he could write a message, use the speech to talk to someone, and they could respond by typing a message on the standard keyboard, and he could read the Braille display.

    Brooke Cottrell, United States, MO

    One thing I couldn't live without is my BrailleNote Apex. I can surf the web (with sites such as Google) when I am doing a research project or just to find information much faster than a regular computer.

    Ted Lennox , United States, Michigan

    I use my BrailleNote constantly. I love for the first time in my life to be able to read my own e-mail and to send out e-mail. I gave up teaching after only 48 short years. I then started following my interest in poetry. I started writing poems about many subjects. The result being that I published my book called DIE DAILY: Dream, Improve, Enjoy. The whole entire book was written with my wonderful BrailleNote. The book is exactly 200 pages long in print, and about 375 pages in braille.

    Diana Holzhauser , United States, Arkansas

    I use my victor reader to record voice lessons, choir rehearsals and mp3 files of music I am rehearsing. The variable speed control allows me to practice slowly until i get the part perfected, then, speed it up to the designated tempo. I really am pleased with the amount of material I can store on the victor reader and the book mark feature allows me to locate passages in music I want to review.

    Hope Paulos, United States, Maine

    During my last semester of undergraduate study, I was required to student-teach Spanish at my local high school. The Stream allowed me to test my students using an external speaker. I played audio clips of Spanish conversations, and students were to answer questions on their computers and save them to text files. Although I had a computer that allowed me to read text files, nothing is as small and compact as the Stream. The Stream has been, and will continue to be, an integral part of my life.

    Nancy K. Feist, United States, Tennessee

    My stream is my most important item in my bag. Through the years I have used a digital recorder, tape recorder, I Pod and all together they weighed me down. Now I take the one device and am set. Thank God for the makers of the VR Stream!

    Devon Wilkins, Canada, Ontario

    My Victor Reader Stream served me well on several more occasions, and provided a means for me to relax with a good book and plenty of music when the hectic days were done.

    Paul Kaminsky, Sr , United States, Florida

    Thanks to the Victor Reader Stream I can now go to meetings very well prepared. Not only does the VRS hold my music collection, talking and audio books, descriptive movies and voice recordings of the meetings and conventions I’ve attended, but two functions make it a real asset at every meeting I attend. First is the fact that I can highlight topics within the materials I bring to meetings. As the meeting agenda moves along I track the highlighted material and am prepared to discuss my concerns. The second function that has saved and kept me involved with discussions is the BRS word search function. It even comes in handy at the grocery store when searching for something like ketchup and the search reveals Aisle 4. Love this new technology, thanks!

    Mary Nettleton, United States, Colorado

    I clip the Stream on my belt, plug in the head set and dance away. Now for the real success: I have the cue sheets recorded several weeks before the new dances will be introduced in class so that when the time comes, I'm up to speed immediately. I'm not the best dancer, but I'm the oldest and certainly the only blind clogger. I jokingly call myself "the world's oldest blind clogger". I love dancing with Victor.

    Alida Boorn , United States, KS

    This product is allowing me to complete a Doctoral Degree in History. Due to the compact size of the reader and strong battery life I can read / study anywhere as easily as a sighted person can read a book.

    Alicia Betancourt, United States, Florida

    Once upon a time, about two years ago, I was introduced to my best piece of technology called the Victor Reader Stream. Now since I have gotten well acquainted with the victor reader stream, I just call him Victor. I am a recently graduated master’s student and when I started my program two years ago, I felt relieved to have the victor reader stream become a part of my life. Being able to have talking book files, text files, audio files, etc, at the touch of my fingers, felt like magic.

    Marie C. Kouthoofd , United States, New York

    Ever since I placed that reader in my hand, I have done nothing but make up for lost time. The time I lost reading, thumbing through bookshelves and filling my mind with knowledge. The use of my VR Stream has impacted and improved my life as a teacher and learner in unspeakable ways.

    Donna Grahmann, United States, Texas

    The memory card holds voice notes, speech recordings, my favorite music, over one hundred audio books and much more. Using a computer screen reader and an ear bud to listen to a manuscript, I can record a reading on the VRS in my own voice for playback during conference and critique meetings. Feedback recordings at those meetings enable me to make changes to improve a manuscript without sighted help. This feature rich, powerful product is a blessing to own. I am seldom found without my Victor Reader Stream. It tucks neatly into a shirt pocket, jacket or purse. One never knows when a good book idea might pop up and I want to be ready when it does.

    Kris Belcher, United States, Utah

    The “sleep” button proved invaluable. If I happened to fall asleep, I didn’t need to search through all the information to find the spot where I drifted off. I knew the segment of time that had elapsed, and could navigate quickly to that point. I am so happy with my new guide and grateful for my VictorReader Stream which aided in my training.

    Michael Guajardo, United States, Texas

    I have used the Victor Reader Stream to learn to play the piano. Since the book was in Daisy format, navigating to specific areas of the book was effortless. Skipping back or forward was a breeze. Bookmarking spots I deemed important allowed me to review specific material with ease. All of this made my learning to play piano a much more enjoyable and productive experience. I certainly won’t be playing at Carnegie Hall any time soon, but the personal achievements I’ve made and the sense of self-fulfillment have been extremely satisfying. I can attribute my success to the tools I now have at my disposal, including RFB (now known as Learning Alley) and technology such as the Victor Reader Stream.

    Jesse Miller, United States, WV

    I ride my bike, I go to gym three times a week, and I am good to go. Better than before. Riding, working out at the gym, what is with me on the high road to recovery? Yes: My Victor Stream Reader. Steady throughout. I wish every blind person had access to this technology. I swear by it.

    Crystal Wright, United States, Utah

    I love my Victor Reader Stream, I think that it is a given for all of us fortunate enough to have one. I use it for all the usual stuff talking books, music dvs movies and text documents etc. It does help me stay organized and always handy for a note. This brings me to the most cherished success stories I have thus far using the Victor Reader Stream.