Communication Solutions for Deaf-Blind

HumanWare is the leader in digital communication for deaf-blind people, introducing DBC, the first portable TTY and Face-to-Face solution in 2008. For the first time, a deaf-blind person had portability and independence to participate in TTY, text messaging and Face-to-Face conversations. With familiarity of a built in keyboard on a traditional cell phone, the sighted population had a very small learning curve to learn of this communication style.

Now a deaf-blind person can use Bluetooth connectivity to pair their HumanWare Braille device to an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. HumanWare deaf-blind solutions break everyday communication down to its simplest form and will get everyone talking.

DeafBlind Communicator

This product has been discontinued.


HumanWare Communicator Application

HumanWare Communicator

HumanWare, in partnership with Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille (INLB), has designed the HumanWare Communicator, the first multilingual face-to-face conversation app for deaf-blind people. This unique app will help deaf-blind individuals communicate on an everyday basis by connecting a HumanWare Braille device (BrailleNote Apex or Brailliant) with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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Apex Communicator Package

Apex Communicator Package

HumanWare’s popular BrailleNote Apex, offers built in wifi and Bluetooth for email and internet functionality and combined with the HumanWare Communicator, enables a Face to Face communication application designed especially  with Apple’s popular iOS tools (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), allows access to the many applications that are popular in communication today. Type text messages with the Apex’s Braille input keys using an iPhone’s text messaging app, or choose to quickly download and read emails in Braille using the Apex’s popular internal KeyMail program. Now, using the HumanWare Communicator iOS application, engage in a face to face conversation with a sighted individual.

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Brailliant Communicator Package

Brailliant Communicator Package

Using HumanWare’s very portable Brailliant Braille display combined with Apple’s popular iOS tools (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), allow a deaf-blind user to utilize all the communication options that an iOS device has to offer. Type text messages with the Brailliant’s Braille input keys, read emails in Braille and quickly respond, and now, using the HumanWare Communicator application, engage in a face to face conversation with a sighted individual.

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The FCC has announced the launch of the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program (NDBEDP), effective July 1, 2012.

The NDBEDP is mandated by the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), which provides funding of up to $10 million annually for the distribution of communications equipment to low-income individuals who are deaf-blind. The FCC will administer the NDBEDP as a pilot program for two to three years.

Links to the Public Notice announcing the launch of the NDBEDP: