Apex Communicator Package

HumanWare’s popular BrailleNote Apex , offers built in wifi and Bluetooth for email and internet functionality and combined with the HumanWare Communicator, enables a Face to Face communication application designed especially  with Apple’s popular iOS tools (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), allows access to the many applications that are popular in communication today.  Type text messages with the Apex’s Braille input keys using an iPhone’s text messaging app, or choose to quickly download and read emails in Braille using the Apex’s popular internal KeyMail program. Now, using the HumanWare Communicator iOS application, engage in a face to face conversation with a sighted individual.

Bluetooth to iOS

BrailleNote Apex serves as a Braille display and connects via Bluetooth to iOS devices for use with all of the accessible communication tools

Braille Keyboard

The Apex braille display and braille keyboard provides an ergonomic and accurate method to quickly type text messages, read emails, navigate web pages via the browser and access the calendar.

HumanWare Communicator App

The HumanWare Communicator App is included to allow real-time Face to Face conversations with a sighted person. This feature can also facilitate and ease communication during training sessions. A message is entered on the Apex and a sighted person can read it on the iOS device’s screen. Using the iOS device’s touch screen, the sighted person can type a response to be read by the deaf blind person on the braille display.

Apex Communicator Package
Over 500 Thousand Apps

The combination of the Apex and iOS device allows access to the over 500 thousand apps available on Apple’s App Store for advanced or experienced users


Use the Apex’s simple, built in KeySoft applications to quickly send emails, browse the internet, create documents, manage appointments and read books, etc.

The Apex can also be used with major screen readers for use with a computer or laptop

The Apex Communicator package consists of:
  • BrailleNote Apex BT
  • iPhone 5 C (GSM model compatible with such US carriers as AT&T)
  • HumanWare Communicator App for iOS device
  • Getting Started Guide in print and Braille


Apex Communicator Package Price (iPhone 5)   Price (iPod Touch) 
Apex 32 Braille Cells $6395   $5995
Apex 18 Braille Cells $4795   $4395