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New to the Internet? Take note. Take charge.
Take your success further. This page provides a few useful links to get you surfing.

If you are reading this page continuously with speech using KeyWeb, you will notice that some words or phrases are heard in conjunction with a tiny beep. In Braille, these same words or phrases are surrounded by brackets, dots 2-4-6 and dots 1-3-5. These words or phrases are hyperlinks, often just called links. Links are the fundamental elements of the Web. The World Wide Web is a massive series of connected pages. Hyperlinks allow you to go somewhere else on the Web. Most of the time, hyperlinks will take you to another page. That page might be on the same web site, or just as easily, another web site, possibly even half way around the world. Sometimes, hyperlinks can take you to a specific section of the same web page you're reading. By pressing ENTER, or a cursor routing key when over a hyperlink, you will activate that link. This is what sighted people mean when they talk of clicking on a link.

So with that background out of the way, let's introduce you to a few useful sites on the World Wide Web.

Keep in Touch with HumanWare

At HumanWare, we're always innovating. Make sure you stay up-to-date with our latest product developments. HumanWare has an extensive Web Site, updated regularly. Feel free to visit us from time to time. This link will take you to the HumanWare web site.

To keep up to date, Register to the BrailleNote Newswire.

If you have a Software Maintenance Agreement, or you wish to download the latest version of KeySoft to which you are entitled, Choose this link to go to HumanWare's Software Distribution Web Site.

Finding what you Want

The Internet offers you literally billions of web pages to choose from. So how do you know what's out there and how to access it? There's a special kind of web site, known as a search engine. Search engines constantly crawl the web and help users to find what they are looking for. Using a search engine, you type a word or phrase into the edit box, press the "submit" button, which can often be activated simply by pressing ENTER, and browse through the results. If you find something that you like, remember you can add it to your favourites in KeyWeb so you can come back there later.

Google is the world's most popular search engine, and should be able to assist you in locating web pages on just about any topic.

To help you become familiar with using forms on the Web, which make the Web a truly interactive place, click on the Google link and search the Internet from here.

Technical support

You can visit our Support Page and select your note taker model. You will find answers to a wide range of questions and also have access to some very useful tools.