Mission and fundamental values

Customer Approach

  • Every employee is respectful of and sensitive to the realities of persons with visual impairments and engages in their cause through concrete actions
  • Every employee is at the service of the customer (in-house or out) and contributes to the customer's complete satisfaction
  • Every employee contributes to the corporate image through professionalism, an irreproachable attitude toward customers, personal appearance and dress


  • Innovation is at the heart of HumanWare's priorities and actions
  • Every employee contributes to innovation and ongoing improvement of products, services and business performance

Human Capital

  • Skills and human resources professionalism are determinants in the Company's success. So every employee has a right to the information, training, and the tools necessary to ensure individual self-reliance and professional development
  • A stimulating work atmosphere that is both pleasant and transparent facilitates respect, cooperation, mutual aid and balance between professional and personal life


  • Every employee is dedicated to his or her own efficiency and healthy management is at the heart of manager preoccupations. HumanWare's profitability ensures the Company's growth and sustainability