We're listening!

HumanWare launched its Support Braille Literacy initiative at ATIA in January 2007. Our purpose is to support the people who are working to make Braille literacy available to all blind people -- in education, in employment and for personal fulfillment outside school and work.

As an early step, we're asking for your ideas about what would help make Braille literacy more available to blind people. This effort will continue from March 2007 through the end of this year. So please send us ideas as they occur to you and we will gather them and, if you wish, copy you with a summary of what we hear from you.

We will take ideas in any form, and at any length up to 200 words. The ideas that are easiest to act on will include who is to do something, what they will do, when they will do it, how they will do it, how it will help, how much it might cost and who should pay for it.

If you submit more than one idea, you only need to enter your e-mail address once.

If you're not worn out from that, please also give us your ideas for accessible packaging .

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