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Ready to go, ready to help

The ultra-portable explorē line is designed for active people with low vision who wish to have an electronic handheld magnifier with them wherever they go. Perfect when you're at a restaurant, the library, shopping, at school or at work. Small, smart and easy to use, there's an explorē device for anyone looking for more than an optical magnifier.


Small enough to magnify your entire world

Convenient, lightweight and portable, the explorē 3 is ideal for people who wish to have an electronic magnifier with them all the time, everywhere they go. Having a hard time reading a restaurant menu or seeing the fine print on a packaged product? Pull your explorē 3 from your purse, bag or pocket and simply magnify whatever you need to see more clearly.

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Best image quality packed into a portable powerhouse

Ease of use and outstanding ergonomics make the explorē 5 the device of choice for active people looking for an electronic magnifier they can take everywhere they go. From magnifying restaurant menus to the fine print on documents, packaging and more, the explorē 5 makes life easier for anyone with vision problems.

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The Big Picture in a Small Package

More than ever, people with low vision are looking for a powerful yet lightweight tool to help them see clearly in their daily activities. Our latest innovation? The explorē 8, a Touchscreen HD handheld magnifier for active people who prefer a large screen but still want maximum portability. It is smaller, lighter and more affordable than most 7-inch magnifiers on the market while providing a screen more than 30% larger, designed to make life easier—and a whole lot clearer.

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