Diana Holzhauser

I use my victor reader to record voice lessons, choir rehearsals and mp3 files of music I am rehearsing. The variable speed control allows me to practice slowly until i get the part perfected, then, speed it up to the designated tempo. I really am pleased with the amount of material I can store on the victor reader and the [...]

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Michael Feir

The sense of freedom and triumph could probably only be understood by someone who, like me, had never been able to do something like this before unaccompanied. Thanks to the Breeze, this summer will be far less isolating for me than the last one. I've learned how to get to a mall and restaurant, my church, and a few other [...]

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I have quite a few players but I would like to highlight 2 of them from your company. I use the first generation Stream which is wonderful to use for many of my reading needs. It’s like always having someone around to read print books to me and I simply love it’s ease of use. For my recent Birthday my husband [...]

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Victor Reader Stream (New Generation)

Victor Reader Stream (New Generation)

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SmartView Versa handheld electronic magnifier

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Brailliant BI 32 (NEW generation)

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Trekker Breeze+ handheld talking GPS

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