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HumanWare specializes in the design and manufacture of highly intuitive and intelligent solutions for people living with vision loss or visual impairment. From electronic magnifiers to talking GPS to braille devices, HumanWare solutions help all users live independently and participate successfully in today’s world. Available in more than 25 languages, our full range of products make us the global leader in our industry.

Smiling adult woman with long white hair using headphones with her audio assistant.

Living independently with vision loss

Whether you are a student or worker living with a visual impairment or experience an age-related eye condition such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, or glaucoma, our solutions allow for more active participation in the world around you.

Our low vision solutions

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A smiling young woman touching the shoulder of her visually impaired friend wearing sunglasses.

Audio assistants and braille devices, redefining the path to success

The move toward greater integration of people living with visual impairment into schools, workplaces, and inclusive urban mobility plans, makes assistive technologies that address their specific needs a gateway to higher education, financial independence, and environmental literacy.

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