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An elderly woman moves her glasses away from her eyes to see more clearly.

Living with vision loss does not mean you have to give up the activities you enjoy. On the contrary, reading good books, writing letters, cooking, socializing or pursuing your career and personal interests are still possible with the right tools.

Vision loss, also called low vision or visual impairment, reduces the ability to see clearly without correction. Causes can range from age or genetics to disease and accident. The loss can affect the central visual field, the peripheral visual field or both. Over time, it can compromise the ability to perform daily activities independently.

Causes of vision loss

Vision loss can occur gradually or suddenly, even at birth, in the case of congenital diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts. There are also rarer hereditary diseases of the retina that cause vision loss, such as Stargardt’s disease or retinitis pigmentosa.

In the elderly, changes in vision that make it more difficult to see close objects are natural. As a result, vision loss is common in people aged 65 and over, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Other eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and inoperable cataracts are common causes of vision loss in people 50 and older.

Low vision devices can help you make the most of your vision. They allow you to perform everyday tasks more easily and with greater autonomy.

Our explorē line of
Handheld and portable devices

The magnifier of choice to take anywhere you go

The explorē 5 is one of the most versatile magnifiers in the 5-inch range. It’s a smart choice for variable magnification and customizable reading contrast in daily activities.

It is the perfect device to use on the go or at home while delivering sharp and clear images at your fingertips. With its large, bright buttons, this device is perfect for magnifying restaurant menus, small print in newspapers, product labels, or even airline tickets.

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A digital magnifier with touch screen to see the bigger picture

Lightweight and powerful, the explorē 8 is ideal for people looking for a large screen and optimal portability

Capable of magnifying up to 30X, it features two cameras: one for reading document, the other for clearly seeing things like street signs and store signs from a distance. You can even save your favorite images and view them on a large TV screen.

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The ideal companion for facilitating your active and mobile lifestyle

explorē 12 includes easy-to-use tools to meet the needs of people of all ages with vision loss. With superior magnification, you can read and view photos or maps, while remaining productive at work or in the classroom.

The foldable stand that rises above the table gives ample space for writing. The touch screen’s zoom-in and pan functions also allow you to read without having to move your documents.

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Reveal 16 and Reveal 16i
Desktop magnifiers

The simplest-to-use, transportable, desktop magnifier available

Featuring an adjustable 16-inch screen and a powerful camera, the Reveal 16 can meet all your needs. It displays a large visual field that makes reading and writing an enjoyable and effortless experience. You can also view artwork or a beautiful outdoor landscape from a distance by simply pointing the camera in the desired direction. Easily foldable and storable, it will be ready when you need it again!

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Keeping you engaged and connected in today’s fast-paced world

Reveal 16i is a distinctive, next generation, low-vision magnifier and personal computer rolled into one. It delivers outstanding image quality with the tools to keep you efficient and engaged in all your activities.

In addition to optical character recognition (OCR), it delivers text with amazing clarity, and text-to-speech, to read aloud, you can enlarge print documents, read books from online libraries, write documents, send emails and browse the Internet.

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Does your vision loss make reading too difficult, even with a magnifier?

Why not try an audio book player?

Open up to a world of discoveries by listening to any computer text documents thanks to its builtin text-to-speech capability. The Victor Reader Stratus features a simple 4-arrow keypad for easy navigation through novels, magazines, and newspapers. Browse directly through sections of text documents, recorded DAISY books and MP3 files or automatically resume reading where you left off. The Victor Reader Stratus audio player boasts usability and simplicity.

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Evaluating and improving vision loss

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a routine eye exam and a low vision exam? The benefit of low vision exams is to determine which electronic devices are helpful in restoring and maintaining independence for people with low vision.

To learn more about the low vision exam, please read our blog article : Low Vision Exam. What is it? Who Needs it? What comes next?

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Elderly woman taking a visual acuity test with a smile on her face.

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