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Assistive technology for visually impaired veterans and active duty service members, written on the image of a veteran saluting the American flag.

Improving quality of life at home and in the community

HumanWare’s assistive technologies enable veterans with a visual disability to stay safe, secure and independent. We support veterans and their loved ones in using these technologies in ways that are best suited to you and their lifestyle.

Improving vision loss

For nearly 35 years, HumanWare’s inspirational vision has resulted in the development of more than 50 highly intuitive and intelligent solutions that improve the lives of people living with visual impairment and vision loss.

To use at home, in the classroom or in the workplace, our technology has helped more than 1 million people worldwide to see things differently and live independently.

Our low vision solutions

Our blindness solutions

Elderly woman taking a visual acuity test with a smile on her face.

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