Users of the Victor Reader Stream that are also members of the Bookshare online library are able to easily download books in DAISY format wirelessly with no need for a computer. It is possible to browse lists of the most popular or most recent books, to search by title or author and to browse books by category. It is even possible to read the book synopsis before downloading. Books are downloaded, unzipped and added to the bookshelf with a single key press.

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CNIB (Canada)

The Victor Reader Stratus (and soon the Victor Reader Stream)works with the Direct to Player program of the CNIB library. DAISY audio books selected either automatically from the CNIB member’s library profile or by telephone or online request are downloaded wirelessly and automatically to the device and simply appear on the bookshelf. Books are returned to the CNIB library in the same way with the press of a button eliminating the need to send and receive books on CD through the postal mail.

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MTM (Sweden)

People in Sweden using the Victor Reader Stratus (and soon the Victor Reader Stream) are able to access newspapers and magazines that are downloaded wirelessly and automatically with no need for a computer. Every morning the latest edition of the reader’s favorite newspaper is waiting and ready to be enjoyed with breakfast at the touch of a button.

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Eligible patrons of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped are able to use the Victor Reader Stream to access the NLS BARD online service using Wi-Fi. It is possible to search for a specific book or magazine and to browse lists of the most popular and most recently added titles. Even the book annotations are available when searching or browsing the collection and books are downloaded wirelessly with a single key press. The NLS BARD service also includes a personal wish list where books can be kept for future reading. The wish list can be managed on the NLS BARD web site but also directly on the Victor Reader Stream. Both DAISY audio and electronic braille formats offered in the NLS BARD collection are supported.

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NFB-Newsline (US)

The National Federation of the Blind provides an online service where local and national newspapers and magazines are available to read via the telephone, the internet, or by downloading to a portable reading device. Users of the Victor Reader Stream are able to subscribe to their favorite publications which are then downloaded wirelessly and automatically whenever the Stream is connected to Wi-Fi making the latest edition of the local newspaper or a favorite magazine always available to read and enjoy with the morning coffee or during a commute to work or school.

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Wikipedia and Wiktionary

The Victor Reader Stream brings the virtually limitless wealth of reference information offered by the Wikipedia project directly to the user when connected to Wi-Fi. While reading a book the current word can instantly be searched on Wikipedia and both a brief summary as well as the complete encyclopedia article are available. It’s just as easy to get a quick definition of a word via a quick lookup on Wiktionary. These services are available in a large and ever-increasing number of languages making the information accessible to students and professionals in countries all around the world.

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Wikipedia and Wiktionary

Internet Radio

The Victor Reader Stream puts thousands of online internet radio stations in the palm of your hand. Featuring the popular ooTunes service it is possible to search for internet radio stations by name and genre and a built-in list of suggested stations makes it easy to begin enjoying listening to internet radio right away. Stations can be quickly added to your list of favorites simply by pressing the familiar bookmark key so you can listen to that station as often as you like. With limitless access to such a wide variety of music, sports, comedy, news and even radio reading services the only problem is deciding what to listen to first!

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Internet Radio

Online Podcasts

The Victor Reader Stream makes listening to online podcasts both easy and enjoyable. It is possible to search for podcasts by name or to browse by subject and to subscribe to podcasts with a single key press. Once subscribed new podcast episodes are downloaded automatically by the Victor Reader Stream as soon as they are published online. Even the podcast descriptions and episode/show notes are available at the press of a button.