User Success Stories


"Success in regards to updating my Stream to the Canadian update to add DAISY Direct To Play Access to my unit. The DAISY Book bookshelf allows me to download DAISY Books directly to my Stream. Once my Stream was updated and I entered the username given to me by CNIB and then the password I was set. I had to have the CNIB set the various categories of books I enjoy. This morning I started to receive books intermittently chosen from the categories. I will change my settings from automatic to manual so that I will be able to review what is on my virtual bookshelf and then download the books I want to read in the order I want.
If one does not have a computer the automatic intermittent download of the books in the categories chosen will work for you similar to the CD's we would receive in the mail. Now they will come directly to our Stream. If you have a computer or use your phone or tablet you can go into the CNIB Library and choose the books you want to be put on your virtual download shelf instead of the system chosing them for you and sending them to you intermittently. An interesting system.
I find it not as easy as the BookShare Shelf and procedure but saying that I now have access to the DAISY Books at the CNIB Library.
Thank you Human Ware for working with CNIB on this and making this happen.
Man, I love my Stream"

Robin East

"I read more of the newspaper now, with the new talking newspaper, than I did before, it's a greater freedom when you yourself can choose what to read. 90 recorded minutes were very limiting, you had no choice at all. A hell of a difference actually. An improvement! "

Claes, age 53

"I get the opportunity to read what I want to read, and not what someone else has chosen for me to read. For example, in the newspaper, there was a number of articles about apps. In the old version, at best, I would have found out only a little bit, like a short summary of what they were about. But in the new talking newspaper, I read everything I want! Then it’s up to me to choose whether I want to utilize the information, but that is quite another thing. "

Svante, age 66