The 1st and only electronic Braille tool
to support Nemeth Braille

For the first time ever it is now possible for a blind student to use an electronic braille device in the classroom. In the past, students would use tools such as a braille writer to write their math in hard copy braille. They would then hand the braille copy to their teacher of the visually impaired, who would then spend a significant amount of time transcribing the print on top of the braille copy for the classroom teacher.

Once the assignment was finally turned in to the classroom teacher,the sighted students in the class typically had already received their assignment back, while the blind student would continue to wait for the classroom teacher’s feedback

• Create math in Nemeth Braille in the classroom or at home
• Receive multimodal audio and tactile feedback to ensure students are typing the correct symbol
• Includes a built in reference guide for understanding nemeth symbols and abbreviations
• When connected to a monitor, provide visual output for a teacher while doing assignments
• Instantly provide a print version for a classroom teacher, parents or other sighted peer

In the past, when a student needed to do math work, electronic Braille devices were put away in backpacks or lockers. With KeySo? 9.4, students can print assignments independently; making it no longer necessary for TVI’s to interline print on the braille copy

 Learn Nemeth Braille with an Interactive Tutorial

Divided into 18 lessons, each lesson consists of the following to ensure
their full understanding of the Nemeth code.

• Explanation and examples of essential math concepts
• Activities for reading and comprehending nemeth math
• Interactive writing tasks to confirm student’s accuracy
• Proof reading exercises to support learning

The Nemeth Solution from Start to Finish:

For the first time ever, a student will be able to use the BrailleNote Apex to:

  1. Learn the Nemeth Braille code using the interactive emeth Tutorial
  2. Create assignments in Nemeth Braille within the railleNote Apex’s word processor
  3. Print or email a math assignment as a readable icroso? document for the classroom teacher